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Power of Attorney and Related Downloadable Forms

Print and complete the appropriate Power of Attorney form you need from the link below. You can type in the information on the pdf form before printing it out. The informational pages attached to most of the forms are not necessary to print out for your Notary appointment.

These forms must be signed in front of a Notary Public and in some cases require a witness in the State of Arizona. If you cannot find the form you need, your Notary Public may be able to provide one for you.

Note: Notaries Public do not practice law and cannot give you any legal advice. They do not create legal documents. Any forms furnished from this site or by any Notary Public from this site are reprinted forms from a State Agency or from a Legal Office. 

General Power of Attorney Form (Regular & Durable)

Affidavit of Attorney-In-Fact as to Power of Attorney Being in Full Force

Healthcare Power of Attorney Form

MVD Title Transfer Bill of Sale

MVD Power of Attorney Form

Lifecare Planning Packet - (mental/healthcare poa, living will, dnr)

DNR (do not resuscitate) Form